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Dove Grey Linen Table Runner Wide 70cm

Dove Grey Linen Table Runner Wide 70cm

The dove grey french linen table runner is perfect for many styles of events.  The fabric has a beautiful texture, and made from 100% linen.  


Size :
Wide Runner - 0.70m x 2.5m

Number Available : 30


Replacement cost: $72

  • Care and Handling

    All linen is to be returned the day following the event for laundering. Please be aware we have a no candle wax policy for all events, which means candles will need to be used within containers/holders that will ensure no wax drops onto linen. Wax can permanently damage the fibers of linen. The event design and styling is the responsibility of the hirer, and you will be responsible for ensuring no wax damage occurs to linen as a result of your event/styling. Permanent stains, rips, tears, and burns will incur the full replacement cost needing to be paid. 

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