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Medium Open Weave 100% Linen Natural White Cloth 2.2x0.6m

Medium Open Weave 100% Linen Natural White Cloth 2.2x0.6m

Our 100% linen open weave table overlay add a beautiful layer of luxury and elegance to your table setting. They can be used gathered together as a textured runner or draped over the table as a light overlay. 


Please ensure all lighting are within containers or on drip trays wihich will ensure wax does not drop onto linen as this can cause damage. 

Size : 

2.2m x 0.6m

Number Available : 30

If you require more please let us know.


Replacement cost: $90 each

  • Care and Handling

    All linen is to be returned the day following the event for laundering. Please be aware we have a no candle wax policy for all events, which means candles will need to be used within containers/holders that will ensure no wax drops onto linen. Wax can permanently damage the fibers of linen. The event design and styling is the responsibility of the hirer, and you will be responsible for ensuring no wax damage occurs to linen as a result of your event/styling. Permanent stains, rips, tears, and burns will incur the full replacement cost needing to be paid. 

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