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Vintage Crystal and Cut Glass Candle Holder
  • Vintage Crystal and Cut Glass Candle Holder

    The Vintage Crystal and Cut Glass Candle Holders add an elegant finish to any table setting. They are all vintage finds so various sizes and shapes.  Your order will come in an assortment of sizes and shapes from our collection.


    Please note candles are not included in hire price, however, we do have a variety of candles available for hire. The candle holder will not contain any wax dripped as a result of the candle burning. The wax may fall onto the surface on which the holder has been placed. Please consult your venue or stylist and consider drip tray for the holder to be placed on. 


    Size: Various


    Available: 80


    Replacement Cost: $40

    • Care and Handling

      Please ensure all items are returned with the packaging provided. Only tealight candles in cases must be used in votive holders. Do not use high temp lighters to light candles as the glass vase may shatter. All breakages must be paid for.  Please remove excess wax off candle holders before returning. 

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