Food Bloggers Picnic – New Farm Park

A Bloggers Foodie event was held recently in one of Brisbane’s most popular parks New Farm Park. The outdoor location was the perfect backdrop to stage a relaxed styled picnic featuring the popular Healthy Fried Farmer Chicken and tasty seasonal salads. This was a combined event for food bloggers, Farmer Chicken, Cobram Estate and UberEats.

The picnic featured our Feature Wooden Boxes, our Vintage plates, Oatmeal linen napkins, Vintage Silver Flatwear and Dove Grey Tablecloth and a collection of neutral cushions. The Vintage Water Glasses and our Crystal Style Drinks dispenser looked amazing simply garnished with lime and lemons.

Feast your eyes on all this deliciousness!

Prop It Pretty Featured Items:

Feature Wooden Boxes

Vintage Plates

Oatmeal Linen Napkins

Vintage Silver Flatwear

Dove Grey Tablecloth

Neutral cushions

Vintage Water Glasses

Crystal Style Drinks dispenser

Props: Prop It Pretty

Farmer Chicken - Wholesome Fried Chicken


Cobram Estate


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