• Cylindrical Glass Vase with Luminara Real Wax Battery Pillar Candle

    The Cylindrical Glass Vase with Luminara Real Wax Flicker Thick Pillar Candles are a great way of styling your event no matter what wedding style. These candles are made from real wax and the wick flickers just like a normal candle, that most guests just think they are real.


    Candle can not be blown out so perfect for outdoor areas or venues with not allowing naked flames.  The elegant modern feel of the vase and candle goes with any wedding style.


    Size: Various sizes to make a clustered display


    Available: 60 vase and candle sets in the Luminara Design. A set is 1 vase and 1 candle. 


    Replacement Cost: $45 each candle and $15 per vase. 

    • Care and Handling

      Please ensure all items are returned with the packaging provided. Candles not be be placed in direct sunlight or near hot items as wax can melt. All breakages must be paid for.  

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