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Cylindrical Glass Vase with White Pillar Candle
  • Cylindrical Glass Vase with White Pillar Candle

    The cylindrical glass vase with thick white pillar candles are a great way of styling your event no matter what wedding style.  


    Our candles are hand poured 100% vegetable stearin with cotton, lead free wick to ensure a hard wearing candle with a clean, long lasting burn. Our cylindrical vases are thick walled, polished for your event, and matched with the correct height candle for a truely luxury finish to your table style. 


    Size: Various sizes to make a clustered display. Let us know where you plan to use the candles and we will advise of the best mix of sizes. Your order will come as an assortment of sizing depending of if being used on a guest table, bridal table or on feature locations. 


    Available: 150 vase and candle sets available for hire.


    Replacement Cost: $30 each set - 1 vase + 1 candle. 

    • Care and Handling

      Please ensure all items are returned with the packaging provided. Place 1cm to 2cm of water in base of vase before placing candle in, this will prevent a build up of wax at the base of the vase. Do not use high temp lighters to light candles as the glass vase may shatter. All breakages must be paid for.  

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