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Embossed Crystal Drinks Dispenser

Embossed Crystal Drinks Dispenser

The Embossed Crystal Drinks Dispenser is a very elegant choice for drinks tables. Looks great all together or mixed and matched with other dispenser styles.


Capacity: 7L to top


Available: 3


Size - 52cm H x 19cm W


Replacment Cost: $120 each

  • Care and Handling

    These items are hand wash only and must be hand dried after washing. Do not place items in microwave or in dishwasher. Must be hand washed and cleaned the night of the event. Do not use items which can sink (i.e lots of fruit and seeds) as these may get stuck in the tap fitting and stop it from working. Do not place hot liquids in dispenser as this can lead to breakages. For best outcome pour pre-cooled drinks into dispenser. Must be returned in packaging provided. 

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