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Vintage Crystal Tray

Vintage Crystal Tray

Our Vintage Crystal Tray is a great option when using our Vintage Crystal, Silver or Brass tapercandle holders. The Vintage Crystal tray will aid in preventing wax drips falling directly onto table linen and furniture pieces. Works best with either 2 or 3 candleholders placed on tray, exceeding that number may result in the tray size not being able to provide enough coverage to stop the wax drips falling directly onto the table linen or furniture. The Vintage Crystal Trays are all vintage so various sizes and shapes. 


Can be used also for food styling options.


Depending on conditions such as air conditioners, wind, etc. candles can burn at a faster or slower rate and may cause wax to drip at different rates.  


Please note that the taperholders and candles are not included in this price.


Available: 15 (can source more)


Size: Various sizes and shapes

  • Care and Handling

    Please ensure all items are returned with the packaging provided. All breakages must be paid for.  Please remove excess wax off the tray before returning. 

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